Lakota video almost complete.

Yea! Celebration! Tho’ I don’t love using my own voice for voiceovers on videos, but it feels right to do so for this fundraising project. I’m so excited! To work with the Lakota on this project will be such an honor and a deep blessing. I honestly don’t understand why we have not stepped up to the plate and given our native American Indian tribes all the help they need to create health and prosperity. Their need is huge, and to this day their suffering is great. I read somewhere earlier today that Pine Ridge reservation is considered the poorest place in the entire United States. Its strange and incongruous to see such extreme suffering in the middle of America. I’m very excited about the potential of permaculture and microcredit to nurture large scale renewal on the reservation. They are powerful tools that have been so successful in different development situations.

A healthy Native American culture benefits us all. I hold a vision of seeing in my lifetime the elders taking there rightful place on capital hill, playing some part in everyday American politics. When that happens, the powerful wisdom in the native traditions will be deep medicine for modern America’s challenges.

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